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Special Offer For First-Time Exhibitors @ Tourism EXPO Japan

Ever Thought Of Taking Part In Tourism EXPO Japan?

Participation By First Time Exhibitors Is Easier Than Ever!

Have you thought of entering the Japanese overseas travel market?

Are you willing to work with a steadily growing market, where every year more and more people have the time and means to travel overseas?

Consider the special offer by the organizers of Tourism EXPO Japan!

In 2017, 18 million Japanese boarded ships and airplanes and traveled abroad. The travel population increased from 13.5% in 2016 to 14.1% in 2017. The trend has continued for the past several years as the population that have the time and means to travel overseas increase every year. Seasoned travelers and novice explorers are looking for new destinations to travel to and spend their holidays in. They are searching for new experiences and memorable moments for themselves, their families and friends.

In 2017, 191,000 people attended Tourism EXPO Japan and over 40,000 of them belonged to the travel industry. They, too, are on the lookout for partners and destinations for their future projects.


With this trend in mind, in 2018, Tourism EXPO Japan offers an entirely new 1st-time Exhibitors’ Plan.

The plan includes:

Free of charge additional slot for Business Meetings: Special offer by TEJ Promotion Office

Free of charge orientation seminar on the latest trends in the Japanese overseas travel market: Special offerby TEJ Promotion Office

Free of charge booth construction (up to 2 booths): Special offer by TEJ Promotion Office

Booth package fee: JPY 486, 000 (tax included)

Booth size: 9 ㎡

The booth package fee includes:

・system panels

・company name plate

・booth number plate


・free 100V500W power supply and an outlet

・exhibitor pass (5 passes/booth)

・reception counter

・counter chair

・reception room furniture

・brochure holding stand

The exhibitors are invited to register for the Business Meetings and pre-arrange meetings with Japanese travel agencies, travel trade & general media, and travel-related businesses during the four days of the exhibition.

For details, please contact or + 81 3 5510 2004.

For details about the whole event, please visit the home page of Tourism EXPO Japan 2018.


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