Japan Outbound Tourism Council

What Does the Future Hold?

Though nobody can give a persuasive answer to the above question, we have been trying to guess and foresee future developments and possible threats for the industry based on the information we have available at present. The members of Japan Outbound Tourism Council gathered to exchange information, ideas and opinions about stimulating Japanese outbound travel… Continue reading What Does the Future Hold?

Japan Outbound Tourism Council

Are We Up To the Task?

The Asia Sub-committee of the Japan Outbound Tourism Council (JOTC) was concluded last week, giving a clear picture of what JATA has not accomplished yet and what it needs to work for. While everybody was clear on the point that group package tours sustain travel agencies and contribute to the well-being of local communities in… Continue reading Are We Up To the Task?

Japan Outbound Tourism Council

Hot From the Oven: Is the Old Continent Going to Have a New Face?

If you have not heard yet about the latest project of JATA, it is not too late. In March, JATA set off to conduct one of its most ambitious projects yet: the Japan Outbound Tourism Council. Chaired by Mr. Jungo Kikuma, Vice Chairman of JATA and Chairman of World Air & Sea Service, the Council… Continue reading Hot From the Oven: Is the Old Continent Going to Have a New Face?